Kayaking and TY Expo 👣

Our first day of school this year started off a lot different than other years, instead of getting our timetables and heading to class right away! We got our timetables, played team building games then headed Kayaking in Moville! The day was really enjoyable even though my group never made it to the water in the kayaks, we headed pier jumping instead.After we got back into our uniforms we got our first group photo of the year, and headed home! The day was a great experience over all.

Last Monday, the 12th of September our TY group was invited down to Kildare to attend the TY Expo. This meant a very early start for us as we had to travel from Donegal down. We left the school at 5:30am and reached Kildare around half 10. The Expo itself was great and I found it really interesting, the people at the stalls were lovely and were surprised to hear we were from Donegal as it’s so far away.
At one of the stalls belonging to The Bar Of Ireland, a woman stopped me and my friend Lauren for a photo because my nails were the same colour as the cards they hand out for advertisement! She then tweeted the photo which reached “Tweet Of The Week” in my local newspaper.

After the Expo, our TY group headed to Blanchardstown for food and a quick shopping trip before home! The journey home was great fun with everyone singing songs! Great end to a great day with hopefully more to come very soon. 


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