Michael D Meets Crana 🌏⭐️

Yesterday was a big day for 28 very lucky Crana College students and 2 teachers, because we visited Áras an Uachtaráin to meet no other than the main man himself, president Mr Michael D Higgins. 

To put everyone’s minds and comments at ease while reading the rest of this blog post, yes he is very small. Not a leprechaun but small.

Anyway now that’s out of the way.. I shall go ahead about the rest of our day. We arrived at Phoenix Park earlier than expected, but we can’t complain I’m sure The President likes punctuality.

We were greeted by one of the members of The Irish Defence Forces, he was very kind and apologised to us because our tour had to be cut short due to a visitor being at the house and she had to be attended to.

And as nice as us Donegalians are, we didn’t mind because we got to have a nosey about the important rooms anyway. The house even owns a table that was given to them by The Clinton’s over in the States.

After we had a nosey, the ceremony began where the Ambassadors of Turkey, Peru and Morocco presented The President with their Credentials. They each presented them, had a short private talk with The President afterwards, then when that was all done they went outside where us students made ourselves useful and did a Guard Of Honour as they left.

The Defence Force were present, and so were The Army Band that played the anthem of each country as they departed the Áras an Uachtaráin. When The Ambassadors left, we were greeted one by one by The President, he spoke to us then stood for a photo.

A table filled of tea, coffee, and snacks were presented to us back inside. We got a few pictures, and when I say a few I really mean 456465964 photos. Not that I am exaggerating or anything.

The day overall, was absolutely brilliant. I cannot believe I was so lucky to have got the chance to not only be inside the President’s house but to meet the great man himself.


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