Claps for Christy

So, last Thursday TY met the lovely Christy Toye. Christy is not only one of the soundest people I’ve ever met, he is a Donegal player. He came to the school last Thursday as part of The Sky Sports Programme to inspire us and tell us that we can make our own dreams come true. 

Christy gave us a short background of his life, telling us he was determined to play county when he was older, and at a young age thankfully got the opportunity to. 

He said that his dream was to play for Donegal, and whatever our dream is we can make it come true if we put in the work required.

After his talk, Christy played teambuiding games with us. He was so dead on and it made the day feel like 5 minutes. It was great craic and on behalf of TY I can safely say we loved it ❤️ 

So for one last time, big thanks to Christy for being such a lad. 


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