TY vs Mount Everest

Let’s face it, Transition Year is the best. Between projects, work experience and well the most important part the trips (joking!)  ğŸŒŽ 

On Friday, as you can probably make out from the above picture, TY continued hitting the road with yet another trip, this time to the lovely corner of the world also known as Greencastle. There is no castle but I guess you could say it’s green. Anyway… we didn’t go to Greencastle to baffle about the lack of castles, we went to experience the hill walk of Inishowen Head. 

The 14 of us TY’s hit the hills with a burst of energy and faith that it will be good craic. And it did live up to its standards.

The walk wasn’t actually life threatening.. it didn’t kill anyone and we all made it through with smiles as we knew when we dug into our Friday night takeaways we wouldn’t feel an ounce of guilt because let’s face it… we walked for 2 hours today.

”Twas another great day so big thanks to Mr McArt and Ms Morrison for accompanying us on our lil adventure 👣


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