Autism & Me 🌈✨

Last night, Monday the 13th of March, RTÉ aire a documentary entitled “Autism and Me”, the documentary was created by producer Christine Thornton. 

She was inspired to create this documentary after hearing Adam Harris, an Irish 22 year old, speaking on the radio. Adam was 18 years old at the time, and he was discussing his experiences with the “invisible” condition. 

Christine was then prompted to not only meet Adam but also to go in search of more people, who might, if Christine was lucky enough, describe their personal experience with Autism. Perhaps then, with their help, they could convey what Autism is, and disregard the myths and misconceptions about the condition.

The following are a list of those involved in the documentary:

Adam Harris (22)

Adam has Asperger’s Syndrome, in the documentary he discusses his experience with Autism and reflects on childhood videos from his playschool years, where he is seen to be irritated and mad. Adam has set up AsIAm, an organisation that supports people with Autism and educates people on the condition.

Fiacre Ryan (16)

Fiacre is non-verbal. Until 2013, Fiacre was unable to express his thoughts and feelings to his family. 4 years ago, his parents discovered an experimental method of communication called RPM. This then enabled Fiacre to reveal to his family his thoughts and feelings. Fiacre is very clever and has a bright future ahead of him, as everyday his family and friends are shocked by his revelations. 

Twins Dylan and Lee Bourne (11) 

Both having Autism but are on different levels. Their parents are looking towards the future and how adulthood will treat them. 

Niamh Biddulph (19)

Strives each day to become an independent adult and dreams of going to college and having a family. Most of all, she wants to be accepted for who she is and not for the condition she has. 

Hughie Malone (11) 

Wonders why there is so much fuss regarding the condition. Why is society obsessed with words like “disorder” and “normal” ?

A group photo of the ones who participated in the RTÉ documentary. 

1 in 65 school children are diagnosed with Autism. The documentary opened my eyes in so many ways and I’m so grateful to now further my knowledge on the invisible condition, autism.


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