Road Safety 🚙🚦

Recently we learned about the causes of accidents, stopping distances in different weather conditions and the difference in road cars and racing cards. We learned this from our Road Safety class on a Thursday morning. 

Today in our class we were shown an interview RSA did with a family who lost their young 15 year old boy called Conor 6 years ago. The video was a tough watch and it really had an effect on me, it’s so heartbreaking to see parents talking about what was going through their heads when they went to pick a coffin for their son. 

Road accidents are very common in Donegal, and the one Conor was in was one of the worst in the country, after the tragic one that took place in Donegal a few years back killing  8 young men and an elderly man. 

It is a very sensitive topic for me to talk about but it needs to be said because young people mainly need to know that if they crash while driving at high speed, they’re not only hurting themselves they’re hurting their families, friends and community. It is one less person in a friend group, one less son or daughter for a family, and one less person walking around the community. 

I would rather spend the rest of my life with a completely functioning body and happy with my family and friends, rather than speeding one night and spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair. 

I know first hand how tough it is to think you nearly lost someone , never mind losing them forever. 

Be safe on the roads, and when driving at high speed please keep your family and friends in mind, it is one less chair at the table that really should be filled. 


Road Safety 🚦❌

In Road Safety this morning we got the exciting news that we will be able to have the chance to teach a lesson to a First Year class, at first everyone was overwhelmed by the thought of this. What could us Transition Year students be able to teach a group of 12 year olds? Our worries were gone then once Ms Bradley announced that everyone will have different topics, for example, my groups topic is to teach the First Years about cycling safely this includes what type of equipment should be used and what you should have on your bike to ensure its safe. We have two weeks to organise this lesson before we deliver it and I look forward to doing so!