Architecture Project 🔧

After our Christmas holidays, in Woodwork we began work on our Architecture Project. We are currently working on “My Architecture Design Journal” our journals were inspired by A Space for Learning, the Irish Architecture’s Foundation architects-in-schools programme. The journal is a space for you to explore architecture through your own creative project. It’s designed for 14-16 year olds, and will help us to learn about how buildings are designed by their experiencing the design process first hand. The project takes you through stages of the design process so that you can create your own journal of architecture designs, ideas and research. It will introduce new skills and give you the chance to apply any skills we may already have. In this journal, there are many opportutnies for drawing, photography, writing, blogging, mapmaking, and model making. Lastly, the project gives young people a voice in the design process. It’s a chance to have a say about your school building and to preset an alternatie to the existing design. The Irish Architecture Foundation is dedicated to raising public awareness of the value of architecture through events and resources that empower the public. We as a class are making great progress in our books so far, and it has really opened my eyes in particular to the world of Architecture and Design. 


Cube Project 🔑

In Woodwork we started working on our Cube Project. The Cube Project is a project completed every year by each TY group, the project is literally a cube made of wood. The Cube features your own design and you basically have the freedom to do anything you would like on it. Mostly people’s design is something that they’re interested..their hobbies. But as I had no outstanding hobbies I decided to do something I was interested in, the tv show, Pretty Little Liars. I’ve watched this show for over 2 years and have became quite obsessed with it if I’m honest. This is why I knew it would be the perfect choice for me as there’s so much you could do with it. Our development sheet was due last week and below is an image to my finished piece. I’m quite proud of my design and can’t wait to start making it for real ☺️☺️