Disability Awareness Training ✅✨

Today, Wednesday the 29th of March, we had a workshop on Disability Awareness Training. It was really interesting as the workshop was delivered by a man who had a road accident, as a result he now only has one arm. He talked about disabilities, the large range they take in from bipolar to wheelchair users for example. The lifestyle of people with disabilities, and how they often require PA’s – Personal Assistants. The assistants are designed to how people with disabilities cook food, bathe and get dressed. Anything that they would struggle to do by themselves. He talked also about the language you should use when speaking of someone who has a disability. Words that shouldn’t be used because they are offensive and insensitive. Richard Alcorn, the man who gave the workshop today, is a member of Donegal CIL. Donegal CIL support and empower disabled people to achieve independent living and to actively participate as equal citizens by having choice and control. I really enjoyed today, because it was very interesting. Something I’ve never experienced anything like before.  


Work Experience 🚌💙

Work Experience is a very important aspect of Transition Year, we do it every Tuesday of every school week and it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had so far ! 

We do 3 different placements throughout the school year, for my first I went to my primary school in Cockhill , and I did love it.. I even discovered I want to be a primary school teacher when I’m older. 

For my 2nd work placement, I went to a playschool in Cockhill and I’ve decided to stay on there for my 3rd placement, the women I work with are lovely and everyday is a delight to be there. 

I’m really glad I decided to stay on because I’ve developed such a connection with the children there, it would’ve broke my heart to leave so soon.. 

TY Recruitment 🌟

It’s that time of year again.. yes recruiting for Transition Year 2017/2018 ! Caoimhe Doherty and I had the pleasure of being chose as the recruits for this year. This is a massive responsibility as Caoimhe and I have the job of telling 3rd year students what Transition is like, what the programme offers, and what people can gain from it. 

We put together a Flipagram consisting of all the things we’ve done the past 6 months, and to look back was amazing. We used Ed Sheeran’s new single Castle On The Hill from his album Divide ! 

I’m really privileged to have got the honour of being a recruit this year as public speaking is something I wanted to develop in Transition Year, and now with 3 months to go of it, I think I have achieved just that. 

Did someone say All Ireland Champs?

So, as everyone may have heard at this rate, Transition Year along with other members of the school achieved an All Ireland win last weekend in The Briery Gap Drama Festival.. 


With the help of Ms Keogh who choreographed together a piece about Irish pirate queen, Grace O’Malley, we as a group were thrilled with the results ! 

Massive thanks to Ms Keogh & Mr Cooley who acccompanied us on our trip , it was an unforgettable experience 🌟