FAI Disability Training 🇮🇪 ⚽️

Last Wednesday our class took part in FAI Disability Training led by two men, named Chris and Oisin. Chris is an amputee who unfortunately lost his leg in an accident a few years ago. Chris featured on popular Irish TV show, Operation Transformation. He also plays football internationally with fellow amputees. Chris and Oisin gave us an insight on the opportunities available for people with disabilities sports wise. I was stunned as I never heard tell of the different teams involved with the FAI regarding disability football. Oisin coaches these teams and is very passionate on spreading the word about the teams as most people, even with disabilities have never heard tell of them. Chris chatted to us about living with one leg, and how his life has actually improved since it was removed. It was an excellent day, also fair play to the two men involved, it’s a long trek from Dublin up to our part of the world..


Barcelonaaaaa ☀️ 

This year for the school’s sun holiday tour, a group of over 60 students, accompanied by 8 teachers headed to Barcelona 🇪🇸 

The trip began Friday the 7th, bright and early we met up at the school, handed our passports over to whatever teacher’s group we were in, got on the bus and headed to the airport. Thankfully everyone got through security with no hassle, I always dread the security part, but never had any bother with it. We all grabbed a bite to eat, then boarded our plane around 10 that morning. 

When we landed the heat was lovely, because it wasn’t too warm but still nice enough at the same time, we got on yet another bus and headed straight from the airport to the Nou Camp football stadium, home of Barcelona FC. We got to walk around the stadium and it’s muesuem which I absolutely loved. After the tour around the stadium, we went ice skating in Nou Camp’s enjoining ice rink. Not to brag or anything but I only fell once and I’m quite proud of that. The ice was very slippy, again very proud I only fell the once. 

After ice skating, we got on our bus and went straight to the hotel in Salou, about an hour and a half away from the ice rink, and checked in. This is where it got really exciting, getting our rooms and unpacking for the days ahead..  we got changed and went to explore the hotel. We met so many Irish people on our travels because there were 12 other schools staying in the hotel.

That Friday night we went to the disco with our crew & all our new friends. Then Saturday morning back again with the early starts, breakfast and another bus trip. Saturday’s adventure was to Barcelona city. We visited famous buildings, did a walk around the city and got a boat trip. Barcelona has such a beautiful city and to experience all this with your friends is even better. The Saturday night when we got back to our hotels, we got dinner and headed for a walk in Salou.. 

Now to tell you about my favourite day, the Sunday. Sunday was Portaventura day, the most anticipated part of the trip. Everyone was so looking forward for the rollercoasters as was I. I have not one bit of fear in me when it comes to getting on one, but the screaming that comes afterwards is a whole different story. We bought express passes in the park and this was definitely the smarter option as the queues for the regular lines were serious long.. you would’ve ended up being sickened. 

Sunday night when we got back to our hotels, we got dinner and changed to head into Salou to the House of Ilusion Magic Show. I honestly wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. The magicians were brilliant and so talented, they put on a show that wasn’t for a second boring. 

We left Salou at 4 o clock on Monday morning, and as much as I didn’t wanna leave because I was having the time of my life.. I missed my mammy. 2 weeks later, all I wanna do is go back! It was such a brilliant holiday and getting to experience it all with my bestfriends and my new friends that I met while I was there was just amazing 🇪🇸💛 ! 

Michael D Meets Crana 🌏⭐️

Yesterday was a big day for 28 very lucky Crana College students and 2 teachers, because we visited Áras an Uachtaráin to meet no other than the main man himself, president Mr Michael D Higgins. 

To put everyone’s minds and comments at ease while reading the rest of this blog post, yes he is very small. Not a leprechaun but small.

Anyway now that’s out of the way.. I shall go ahead about the rest of our day. We arrived at Phoenix Park earlier than expected, but we can’t complain I’m sure The President likes punctuality.

We were greeted by one of the members of The Irish Defence Forces, he was very kind and apologised to us because our tour had to be cut short due to a visitor being at the house and she had to be attended to.

And as nice as us Donegalians are, we didn’t mind because we got to have a nosey about the important rooms anyway. The house even owns a table that was given to them by The Clinton’s over in the States.

After we had a nosey, the ceremony began where the Ambassadors of Turkey, Peru and Morocco presented The President with their Credentials. They each presented them, had a short private talk with The President afterwards, then when that was all done they went outside where us students made ourselves useful and did a Guard Of Honour as they left.

The Defence Force were present, and so were The Army Band that played the anthem of each country as they departed the Áras an Uachtaráin. When The Ambassadors left, we were greeted one by one by The President, he spoke to us then stood for a photo.

A table filled of tea, coffee, and snacks were presented to us back inside. We got a few pictures, and when I say a few I really mean 456465964 photos. Not that I am exaggerating or anything.

The day overall, was absolutely brilliant. I cannot believe I was so lucky to have got the chance to not only be inside the President’s house but to meet the great man himself.

Ireland v Georgia 🇮🇪☘💚

This time last week our TY group and the 5th year mentors headed down to the Aviva Stadium in Dublin to see Ireland take on Georgia in the World Cup Qualifier. We were accompanied by teachers Ms Bradley, Mr McMullan, and Mr Casey. We left the school after break, stopped in Monaghen then went straight to Blanchardstown. Going to Blanchardstown was great for us TY’s because we already knew our way about from the trip to Kildare for the TY Expo.

We left Blanchardstown at 6 and made the short journey from there to the Aviva Stadium. A group of girls bought green glow paint the day before and one even went around the bus putting it on everyone. Safe to say if a person had glow paint on you would know there from Crana College! 💚

We got off the bus, got our tickets and made our way over. There was lots of chants to be sang, so the journey definitely wasn’t boring!

Our seats were great too and the match itself was amazing! Shane Long scored the goal which I was very happy with as he’s my favourite player on the team (soz Coleman!). The atmosphere in Aviva was absolutely brilliant and there’s no surprise that Ireland got the award for the best fans at the Euros 2016.

The bus journey home was the best of craic with everyone still on a high from the win! It was such a brilliant day and I wish I could repeat it all over again, not only to see the boys in green but the craic was top notch ☘💚