TY – Final Reflection 💛

I’ve a box of tissues by my side as I tell you all about the best year of my life, Transition Year. I came into TY with a lot of aspirations for the year, what I wanted to achieve and the ways I wanted to benefit from it. From hearing about TY, I knew for certain it was two things – good craic & worthwhile. Remembering back it feels like a lifetime ago. This year has definitely been the fastest but best year of my life. As a person I’ve grown, I’ve developed new interests and grew closer to the people in my class that I would see as family now we’ve spent that much time together. 

From our first trip away to Kildare for the TY Expo..

To our lastest trip to the Mud Run, the week before we got off for Easter..

We’ve got to do so many things the list is endless , but the more impossible question at hand here is which I enjoyed the most. Every trip with this bunch is beyond great. TY Expo, Aviva Stadium, Belfast Ice Skating, Mullingar, Laurentic, Mud Run, Kilmainham, I would be sitting here still typing to you to tomorrow if I listed everything. 

I often get asked what was my highlight, what was the standout moment of this whole year. As hard as it is to answer, I have just one moment that stood out above the rest.. the moment we were crowned All Ireland Champs. At the start of March, a group of students all led by the amazing Ms Keogh won a national Drama competition, the moment our name got called. That’s my standout moment. Of course blasting “We Are The Champions” from Mullingar to Donegal was a pretty close second standout moment. 

The 3 days we got to spend commenmoraring 100 years since the sinking of the Laurentic ship was also pretty special. Our class is beyond lucky we got to work on something extraordinary, and make a difference to the events. The family members appreciated all our efforts and it felt great to see our work published. 

The school’s annual sun holiday trip to Barcelona also was amazing. 3 of the best days ever, with the best crowd ever. I loved the holiday and meeting new people who I’ve grown so close to since made the holiday for me. 

This is the moment I shoutout Ms Walsh for being the best group leader while we were there, not that we caused bother anyways..! 

So taken all this into account, the trips away and everything. This year has been remarkable. An experience I’ll never forget and as sad as I am that it’s ending so soon I’m grateful to Ms Bradley for all the hard work she put in this year & to my following classmates. Without them this year wouldn’t have been as great as it was.. and I’m glad I was so lucky to have got the chance to experience this. 

Now for a piece of my wisdom before I sign off, Do TY, it’s guaranteed to be the best year of your life 🌟💛 !